The Lizard Diaries, part 2.

Humans man friend came over the weekend. He  is apparently called ‘Pete’ but the human always says he’s my Daddy, I guess the human is telling the truth, but he doesn’t look like a gecko, but then again, neither does the human. I’d call the human Mommy-human, but I think ‘the human’ makes me sound in charge.

I like Daddy-human, he sits with me and doesn’t shout at me when I poop on the humans bed. The human doesn’t seem to like this.She says it’s naughty and shouts at me. I’d say it makes me sad, but it doesn’t, there’s nothing better than pooping in comfort.

Daddy-human brought this weird object over, the human referred to it as a ‘camera’ which she seemed quite excited about. The camera object kept making this big, bright light that would make me go blind for a while. I didn’t like this, but it was making the human happy and it was nice for the human to call me nice things like ‘cute’ and ‘pretty girl’ makes me a happy gecko.

After about an hour of flashy camera lights, I started to get a bit bored and tried to escape away from the human, luckily, this worked and the human put the camera away and let me chill out on her bed.  The human had left Daddy-human in charge while she got ready to go out and when he wasn’t paying attention, I jumped off the bed and landed on the floor, unfortunately, I landed right next to the human, which got me into trouble.

I got put back into my house and the humans all went out. They thought I would just go and relax under my log but they did not know, it was time for me to party!

Anyway, below are a couple of photo’s the human took,



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