The Lizard Diaries, part 3.


The human came home today saying she had bought me some presents, I wasn’t too interested at the time because I thought she meant ‘presents’ that benefit her more than me. I was wrong, she bought me a new pot to play in AND some juicy, juicy meal worms! I do love the human sometimes.

Daddy-human tried to get me out of my vivarium but he scared me so I shook my tail at him. You don’t just barge into someones room while they’re asleep and start grabbing at them, it’s scary and rude! When I finally trusted him enough, I grabbed onto him, but as soon as I saw the human I jumped onto her, for some reason, she seemed less scary than usual.

I was allowed to have a little play on the bed with Daddy-human and the human while they took it in turns to tidy my room. I kept running up the humans arm repeatedly and sitting on her neck so she couldn’t get me, I found this fun and amusing, the human however, did not.

The human telling me off.

After a while, all the fun I was having ended up making me very sleepy, so I cuddled up to Daddy-human while the human finished tidying my room. I was nodding off next to Daddy-human when all of a sudden FLASH! The human had got that weird device out again, I think it’s called a camera.

Snuggle time with the Daddy-human.

When I got back into my room, everything had changed, I had a new floor, my logs had moved and I had a new pot. I thought to myself, I don’t remember entering myself onto DIY SOS! The human put me onto my new pot and I sat there for a while, I then decided to explore the rest of my newly decorated viv. As I went to jump onto my log, I missed and slid down the wall and landed on my side, this was really¬†embarrassing, but it made the human panic, muahaha!

Sitting on my new pot.


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