A Best Friend in Lizard Form

“How can your pet be one of your closest friends?”

I don’t know, maybe it’s because..
They’re always happy to sit with you no matter what your mood is.
Maybe it’s because they’re never going to tell anyone anything that you’ve said that could get you into trouble.
Or maybe it’s because when you feel really bad about something, they some how know.

Cleo’s only tiny and half the time doesn’t show an interest in me at all, but I love her to bits. I am quite happy to let her sit on my shoulder all night while I carry on with my own thing.
She comes across as if she doesn’t like me very much, but deep down, I know she loves me.. But, if she doesn’t, then she’ll just have to get used to me talking to her in a baby voice and sticking my face against her viv, because she’s got it for the next 10 years, sorry Cleo, I’m going no where!


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