Cirque Du Spiceal

Kerrang-man, Kev wants you to go to an event in Birmingham! I’d go, but I’m a gecko so I can’t..


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2 responses to “Cirque Du Spiceal”

  1. David says :

    Hi Cleo, perhaps you could tell the human that I visited and enjoyed finding out a little more about cresties …. She (that’ss Mummy Human) is apparently taking all of the credit for your blog, better keep an eye on that one.
    You seem pretty switched on, are you in any way related to cats? because the tone reminds me of the superior self image cats have.. Just a thought!

    • stickyfeetcleo says :

      Hello David, I have noted to the human that you enjoyed your visit and she seems very pleased and said thank you! About the credit, tell me about it! She automatically thinks that because she does the typing that she can take the credit, silly human! It’s not my fault I don’t have big enough hand sticks!

      I’m not quite sure about whether I am related to cats, but it could be possible, my Grandmother was a bit feisty, so it is a possibility!

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