The Lizard Diaries, part 4.

So, this entry is going to be a short one as the human keeps moaning that I have to use her laptop all the time! Well, if she’s that bothered, she should buy me one!

Tonight has been pretty eventful, I’ve started a work out, I really need to get in shape as all the meal worms I’ve been eating are really starting to make me pile on the pounds!

Anyway, I reckon my workout is that good that I should make my own fitness DVD! It involves a lot of running around and jumping off fairly high surfaces, so it would not be a suitable work out for those who are at a tender age.

What you need to do is, you start at the bottom of your workout space For me, my workout space of choice is my vivarium. What you then need to do is start to climb up the side of the wall and hang from the top for a while, you then wait for your human to get nice and relaxed in bed and you drop your entire body weight to the floor making a huge thud. This will annoy your human, so you’re bound to get told off which will then get your blood pumping! I suggest you repeat that simple step until your human decides to feed you again in hope it will shut you up.



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