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Cirque Du Spiceal

Kerrang-man, Kev wants you to go to an event in Birmingham! I’d go, but I’m a gecko so I can’t..


Social Media Marketing

Hey, it’s the ‘human’. I think you should check this out if you’re a business that needs help with using social media!

Compton Hospice Celebrate The Good Ol’ 80s!

I like to watch films with Cleo, I let her sit on my shoulder while I watch a DVD sometimes and she seems to stay still for a while. I’m a fan of many Tim Burton films so they’re quite possibly Cleo’s favourite films too.

Today I was told to write a blog post about something I find interesting from the 80s to help promote an 80s night that is being held by Compton Hospice.

So, that is exactly what I am going to do.

Tim Burton, the famous director behind films such as Edward Scissorhands, The Nightmare Before Christmas and Sweeney Todd first started off his career in the 1980s. A well known Burton film from the 80s is the film ‘Beetlejuice’.

I love the films Tim Burton makes because they’re so different, each of his films have a similar feel but not one of them are the same. I like this because there’s always something that’ll pop up that is completely unexpected and fantastic! Tim Burton’s style of writing and animation has inspired me in the past when I was having to write up my own film ideas and when I was working on animation back in college. I find Tim Burton’s imagination interesting and if I could, I would like to spend a day inside his head just so I could experience his imagination full on. I know meeting Tim and talking to him about his future idea’s would be more practical, but where’s the fun it that?

Speaking of films, another one of my favourite films from the 80s is the Back to the Future films. I am looking forward to having a ride in the legendary DeLorean time machine myself at the Compton Hospice 80s night. If you were ‘made in the 80s’ I suggest you think about checking out Compton Hospice’s website and having a look at what the event has in store. IĀ guarantee, it’ll be totally fresh!

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